If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that whatever you have been through in your life, if the most empowered version of yourself is on the other side of trauma,  and she is strong, she is happy and she is waiting for you to say “yes”.

Let me tell you my story about finding that power…..

As a  necessity,  at the tender age of 16, I packed up my bags with my mother and siblings and we left our family home, arriving at a women’s refuge. It was in many ways, a profound experience, and one I can look back at now and smile, as it taught me the value of freedom, how to overcome fear and be in deepest gratitude for what you have. In fact, it was this very experience that inspired the young girl that I was then, to start helping those even less fortunate than me through community work.

My biological Dad was not with us throughout my childhood, but at the age of 20, I rekindled a fledgling relationship with him. It was at this stage that my level of understanding for others began to deepen and we became closer. The Catalyst for this change centred around forgiveness. When we do this, we can replace resentment with compassion and my belief is that we forgive not to let others off the hook, but to find alignment within ourselves. Forgiveness is not always easy, but it is the path to our own inner peace.

A year later at age 21, My confidence in my own personal growth was starting to show. I left London to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Plymouth in Devon, and as I experienced even greater freedom within and grew trust in my own independence, my journey of deep soul searching and self discovery was set in motion.

This inner strength, an attitude of resilience and overcoming adversity continued when I gave birth to my first son and became a solo parent when he was five months old. Whilst I felt overwhelmed at first … I realised I could handle this, and my self-esteem grew a little more. I also learned that regardless of what happens in life, in order to maintain strength, the love of a child will push you forward even when you want to give up….

But it was at the age 28 that I experienced my Grand Spiritual Rebirth… 

I was on a millennial trip to Egypt in the year 2000.  I travelled the country for 15 days.  As someone with no climbing experience and a congenital heart defect (which means altitudes shouldn’t be physically possible to do), I Incredibly managed to climb Mount Sinai,  and following this,  I communed with the ancestors in the Pyramids and experienced my first real Awakening.

My Second Awakening happened at the age of 34 when I experienced the extremely early premature birth of my twin boys at 23 weeks. Both were in intensive care fighting for their life and sadly after 23 days my youngest son Shaka became an angel.  My personal experience of child loss has allowed me to be a Support and Intuitive Bereavement coach to others too, especially as I went through this as a solo parent yet again. Learning that I can overcome anything with a Clear Vision and a strategy-  this is part of what I now teach.  I also learned about the strong spiritual connection we have as Souls- especially our Intuitive and non-verbal aspects.

Thank God for Journaling, Meditation and Photography during this time. The creative outlet saved my mental health. As a long-term carer for my youngest son who has specific learning difficulties and some health challenges, I have learned to Follow my Dreams regardless, to create freedom, embrace my souls is calling because let’s face it there never is a ‘right time’ and to stop comparing myself to others because they have not walked my life journey.

After all the adversity and trauma I have experienced (over 30 years), My life has turned completely around.  I have two wonderful sons and a fiance who is not only supported by who I am, but also of who I am becoming. We have travelled this journey for 11 years and I have learned that love can be unconditional and reciprocal.  I have also learned that it’s never too late to trust the universe and that love comes at the most unexpected times in the most unusual places!

Though I am also a Published Writer of 25 years and Qualified Holistic Therapist of 20 years, I finally published my first book in 2019, ‘7 Steps to Overcoming Adversity and Transforming your Life’. 

The steps outlined in this book really transformed my life and writing it was a Labour of Love.  Reflecting on my life of 47 years at the time, I was constantly being asked How did you get through all of this?  I realised it was time to share my 7 Step process which I first put into written form in 2016 although I had been using it practically most of my life. Unlike other methods out there, I learned all of this due to my own lived experience.  I have had to go through deep valleys, the darkest tunnels and also the brightest skies to be the compassionate woman I am today.

As a Women’s Empowerment Coach and Life Strategist, I put your development, freedom, inner peace and spirituality first. I am supporting you to “Stand up for your Soul”, leading her back to the re-alignment needed to re-discover your Soul’s calling while courageously and unapologetically stepping into becoming her again.

You are not your story.

You are not broken.

We are not victims of our circumstance.

We are Soul Conscious Creators of our future and now is the time to discover that the purest and most profound Freedom, Inner Peace and Spirituality are on the other side of trauma. The world is waiting for you and so is she! 


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“We are not Victims of Our Circumstances, We are Soul Conscious Creators of our Future”, 2017