Hyacinth J Myers

A Multiple Award Winner!!!

A Women’s Empowerment Coach/ Mentor and Life Strategist

Intuitive Life coach

Overcomer of serious Adversities
Jewellery Designer and Handmaker
Qualified Holistic Complementary Therapist (Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Holisitc Massage, NLP, Reflexology and training in Hypnotherapy currently)
Author, Writer and Poet. Work includes Book published in April 2019, Journal articles, Poetry in Anthologies, Newspapers, Book/ Music reviews and Short autobiographical pieces. She is currently working on 2 other books.
Worked in the Local and other Communities in varied fields for 33 years.

Hyacinth Myers is a Forty-nine Dual heritage Mother of two sons and a BSc Honours Graduate in Social Policy with Criminal Justice. She grew up and has mostly lived in Hackney, London, UK as well as Birmingham and Plymouth.
Hyacinth is a Creative Talented Entrepreneur and MD of Soul Conscious Creations Ltd promoting Creative and Holistic Services namely her Signature Women’s Development Programme Empowered Living for Soul Counscious Women using the EMPOWER 7 (C) method and the 4 R’s.

Her businesses are multi faceted. She is a Creative Spiritual soul who has been in service of others since the age of 15 and her awareness is of Community and the World at large. She grew up on an Estate now demolished in Hackney and was often told she could not achieve her goals and dreams. Needless to say she has strived for perfection, Overcome Adversity and built Resilience becoming the powerhouse and Leader she is today.



Meeting new People

Advanced learning
Going to Places of Interest
Self/ Personal development
New Adventures and Innovations

Becoming more in tune with the Divine energy, Angels and Ascended Masters.

Her ambitions are endless but she has published the EMPOWER 7 Book April 2019 and Ebook will be available soon!.


Link to purchase for £12.99 including FREE DELIVERY and SIGNED is here

She Created the Personal Development programme for Women who have been through Adversity and Trauma but who want to create their life by design EMPOWER 7.

She is creating Affirmation Cards, A number of Books and Memory box set amongst whatever else the Highest Source sees fit to bless her with.

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“We are not Victims of Our Circumstances, We are Soul Conscious Creators of our Future”, 2017