Welcome to my new home!

Quartz crystal

Good afternoon all,

Some of you may know me by my pen name of Spirited Queen on here or Weebly, others by my birth name Hyacinth. I hope you are all well and wanted to send heartfelt Greetings for visiting my new site. My others just had to go as it was getting too confusing when people are trying to locate you. It is a shame as I spent many hours as you know self teaching and now with a little input from some free training from a friend of a friend as well as training with joy and team at Words of colour has been my lifesaver.

This will be the place where my beautiful Art, Jewellery, Writing and general information about my work can be found.

Please feel free to send me your comments and help me build my online empire showcasing what I don’t usually do….My work and Self. I’m good at promoting others but slowly realised that I have to do the same with my own talents. There is no time like the present as they say and in this climate my aim is to create my dream job by doing the things that I love.