Crowdfund ENDS 14th September!!!



As many of you know the Crowdfund to push 7 Women through the Programme and Publish the Book is underway.  EMPOWER 7 is on the lips of many via Social media.  We need you to put your money where your mouth is for I to be a success.  If I could I would personally pay for the women myself but as a Lone mom to 2 boys (one who has special needs) and serious Adversity Overcomer I am currently unable to do this.

I have had a number of women paying for the individual modules and that has been successful.  I have had a number of Backers whom I am truly Grateful to so Thank you for that.

If you can Share with your Networks it would be greatly appreciated.  I am also available for a few Online Podcasts if you have the Contacts from 5th September until the 15th and anyone who wants to cover the story in their publications.

Please email me at for further info and bear with me as a much needed family holiday begins Monday so I may take a day or two to get back to you.

Thanks for all your Support in Advance

I look forward to making the world a better place as I always have since a child!

Your Sister in Spirit