Facebook Fundraiser

Greetings beautiful souls,

How are you all doing during this time. ? Its been a rollacoaster I know but ride it knowing it will be over soon.

I’m leaving a super quick blog to let you know I am intending to help Support some Women for 30 days in a new FB Membership group starting next month and would love to raise more money. It costs £27 per Woman a month for 30 days support at the introductory rate. We have raised enough to support 9 women so far but I would love to reach more.

Please Share with your networks as even £5 can make a huge difference. I have been supporting nearly 50 Women for free since March Covid-19 Lockdown for FREE but as a micro business owner I personally haven’t made any money since mid March and am a lone parent of two sons.


Thanks in advance and Take care

Your Sister in Spirit