Happy International Women’s Day

Happy #iwd2021 International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge

Challenge Yourself not to except the ‘less than’

Challenge Yourself to Speak up and Step into your Power ‘no matter what’

Challenge Yourself to see your worth and expect ‘the best’

Challenge Yourself to Support other Women in their time of need and still have ‘more than’ enough energy to support you and yours

Challenge injustices even if they don’t directly impact you and Be your Sister’s keeper. We all win when we gather in circles, create and connect unconditionally.

Now go out and Change the World #womenchangemakers

As the saying goes “Empowered Women empower women”

My motto #empower7women is “We are not Victims of our Circumstances, we are Soul Conscious Creators of our Future”