The Aligned Way Experience

Welcome beautiful Sister,

So you have found yourself here at this particular time. The universe always has our back and if you are a Spiritual, Intuitive, Soul Conscious Woman who is awakening more, stepping into your truth and the Divine Feminine and wants to live a more Empowered Life, then you are in the right place. There are no accidents!!

In all the crazy out there, a really special time is occurring. We are Reflecting on our lives, Re-setting, Re-connecting and Re-Aligning unconsciously as well as fully aware. If you have noticed changes within you and want to do the Self development work in a supported group then this is for you.

So What is this all about? I hear you ask

Well, It’s a 4 week Experience (Course or Programme sort of) that starts Monday 5th July 2021 and will do some deep dives into Forgiveness and Gratitude work but will also include Compassion and Love ( Self and Others). As your host, I have been called to offer this work at this time. I am a very intuitive and gifted healer who often hears whispers from the other realms to carry out work. Unfortunately I have lived most of my life suppressing these gifts for fear of judgement, not being accepted etc. Everything I do is for the highest and greatest good. I am deeply Spiritual non belonging to any one Faith but having Faith and taking much from the various spiritual/ Holy books and teachings out there. I am also a humanitarian with over 33 years of service to Community in my 49 years on earth in this body.

I believe we are all Souls having a Human experience and many of us are lost in all the man-made Social constructs that reinforce a divide and conquer way of living.

I would love to take you through this experience as I have walked it myself travelling through years of overcoming Adversity, weaving in life’s tapestry everything blessed, unthinkable, heartbreaking including losing a three week old twin son to severe prematurity (neonatal death), single parenthood and so much more.

Check out “The Aligned Way: The Gratitude, Forgiveness, Compassion & Love Experience” on Eventbrite!

Date: Mon, 5th July, 10:00