Babyloss Awareness Week

Babyloss Memory Box

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This week as many Women, Parents, Grandparents etc reflect on Babyloss, I’d love to share something personal to my heart 🖤

Last year World Prematurity Day in honour of my son Shaka who passed away at 3 weeks old due to complications from severe prematurity in 2006, I created 13 Babyloss Memory Boxes or Bereavement Boxes I called them.

I still have some left and they are selling for £99 including FREE UK Delivery (worth £15). Everything included is here below.

Bereavement Box sets for those who have lost babies to Late Miscarriage, Neonatal Death or Stillbrirth.

It is a very painful time when you lose a baby. I have personal experience of this hence creating a Box where you can house your precious memories.

A beautiful gift for a Loved one or for yourself.

Included is:

♡ A beautiful Box

♡ A Notebook to Write your Memories or Messages of Condolences

♡ A Photo Frame

♡ A candle

♡ A Pen

♡ Angel Wings Trinket holder

♡ A Heart shaped Rose Quartz

♡ A mini Teddy bear

♡ A mesh Bag to hold small items (clothes, nappy, or gifts from others)

♡ 3 Live Online Zoom Meet ups Online (30 mins each)

♡ FREE UK Delivery until Christmas 2021

All for £99. This product has been created because I care. I know how important it is to Keep Memories safe.

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Thank you to @blisscharity @sandscharity @tommys @achingarmsuk Charities for all you do. I have had Personal connections to all of you at some point.