East London Radio Show

DJ Mary Katherine and Myself Thursdays appearance on Radio. My interview is 1hr 28 mins in. Thank you as always Mary and Ian of East London Radio @eastlondonradio You guys are awesome. Really enjoy being there. Look forward to hearing it back. They have Won Awards, the station continued during lockdown, Ian and his Producing … Continue reading East London Radio Show

Never give up on your Vision

https://youtu.be/ygqXSiNfKAY Good Morning beautiful souls, I thought I'd share this series on my YouTube channel that's currently small and sweet.....lol. I hope you are well and you find something useful in this. Alternatively for those who prefer Podcasts I have one that can be found on https://anchor.fm/hyacinth-j-myers/episodes/Motivational-Monday-eg34oc Have a wonderful day and Keep updated on … Continue reading Never give up on your Vision